Customized, secure data management.

Your solution, built from the ground up.

Sunstrata develops databases and web applications that translate your work processes directly into a centralized, online resource. An unlimited number of users can securely manage information from within the office, at home, or across the country. 

We develop only secure, fully-customized enterprise-scale information management systems. Our solutions do not use intermediary “black box” platforms that force us into an approach or process, nor are there limitations on the web technologies that can be leveraged for a client solution. This contrasts with development firms that either 1) build data-management applications on top of an existing platform, or 2) or try to force productivity tools into a packaged content management system.  

Our extensive experience across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors allows us to leverage existing, reliable tools and functionality that we have deployed for similar clients so that no project must start completely from scratch. 

We specialize in information management for:


  • Human Resources
  • Human Services Programs
  • Project Management
  • Grant Application Management
  • Website Content Management

Our tools work exactly how you work.


  • Maintain processes and workflows you already have in place.
  • Import data from spreadsheets and other disconnected sources.
  • Consolidate forms and reports into a single, always-on location.
  • Reduce data-entry errors with required fields and validation.
  • Keep your IT infrastructure – no new hardware or software.
  • Adhere to your security strategy with individual user accounts.
  • Simplify ownership with no per-user, per-record, or recurring fees.
  • Customize a relationship with us for ongoing upgrades.

Our Clients Include:


Built on the most reliable web technologies available.

Sunstrata deploys not only complementary technologies, but also the latest in complementary technologies so that our systems have the maximum length of support both in terms of updates and patches, as well as in terms of technology community adoption and use