"Matt is a delight to work with. He's thoughtful, responsive, accountable, and very knowledgeable. He not only customizes solutions to suit clients' needs, he educates them so that they're empowered to make better decisions in the future. Perhaps most impressive is that Matt always makes you feel that you're his first priority, even when you have to approach him with urgent, last-minute requests! I would absolutely choose to work with him again."
Alyia Paulding
Training & Technical Assistance Administrative Assistant
MANY (Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth and Family Services)
Sunstrata systems can help you manage all of the information coming in from and going out to the organizations and individuals that you serve or fund. Keep member and grantee profiles, track services rendered and grants made, and allow your stakeholders to communicate with you directly through an online portal.
The Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth & Family Services (MANY) is a membership network comprised of over 50 organizations designed to strengthen and coordinate resources and services for youth and families in high-risk situations.

Sunstrata developed a central resource for staff to manage MANY's membership and track the various services it provides to them, as well as publish resources for its members to its public website.

  • MANY staff can log consulting and technical assistance activities.
  • Members can log into the MANY website to browse and download resources published from within the Sunstrata portal.
  • Website visitors can register themselves for MANY webinars, conferences, trainings, and other events, as well as immediately submit payment.
  • Both new and existing members can create or renew their membership, and pay their fees directly through the MANY website.
The Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD) is a special purpose area-wide unit of local government that supports and finances regional assets in the areas of libraries, parks and recreation, cultural, sports and civic facilities and programs.

The Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development (PPND) mobilizes private and public investments, builds local capacity and leadership, introduces new knowledge and best practices, improves policies, and serves as an impartial convener of system change efforts.

The POISE Foundation assists the Pittsburgh Region's Black community in achieving self-sustaining practices, through strategic leadership, collective giving, grantmaking and advocacy.

Sunstrata developed a grants management system for each of these grant-making organizations. Each system has a separate applicant and administrative portal so that grantees can submit and track their applications online, and the organizations can manage all applications comprehensively from a single location.

  • Funders can define their own grant types, select when to make each available to accept online applications, and make rules about what type of applicant is eligible to apply.
  • Applicants can create a single profile and then use it to create applications for different types of grants, or for the same type of grant every year.
  • Funders can create custom tasks for applicants to complete, such as uploading a file, or providing a narrative description or single piece of information like a dollar amount or number.
  • The systems can be configured to solicit information from grantees at both the application stage and later at the grant stage during follow-up activities.
  • The systems incude administrative tools for managing different funds and distributions made from them to grantees, tracking donations made to funds, and allowing board or committee members to review applications and make comments.

All Sunstrata solutions are built on the most powerful and reliable web technologies available.