"Matt is a delight to work with. He's thoughtful, responsive, accountable, and very knowledgeable. He not only customizes solutions to suit clients' needs, he educates them so that they're empowered to make better decisions in the future. Perhaps most impressive is that Matt always makes you feel that you're his first priority, even when you have to approach him with urgent, last-minute requests! I would absolutely choose to work with him again."
Alyia Paulding
Training & Technical Assistance Administrative Assistant
MANY (Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth and Family Services)
Collect online registrations and track the agenda, progress, and outcomes of an unlimited number of meetings and events. Sunstrata systems can help you stay organized and ensure that the right internal resources are allocated to each meeting or event by scheduling available staff, facilities, and equipment.
The Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth & Family Services (MANY) is a membership network comprised of over 50 organizations designed to strengthen and coordinate resources and services for youth and families in high-risk situations.

Sunstrata developed a central resource for staff to manage MANY's membership and track the various services it provides to them, as well as publish resources for its members to its public website.

  • MANY staff can log consulting and technical assistance activities.
  • Members can log into the MANY website to browse and download resources published from within the Sunstrata portal.
  • Website visitors can register themselves for MANY webinars, conferences, trainings, and other events, as well as immediately submit payment.
  • Both new and existing members can create or renew their membership, and pay their fees directly through the MANY website.
The Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD) is a special-purpose unit of local government that supports and finances regional assets in the areas of libraries, parks and recreation, cultural organizations and events, and sports and civic facilities.

Sunstrata developed an intranet tool that allows RAD to advertise events and programs held by the organizations it funds.

  • RAD can publish selected calendar events from the Sunstrata intranet to their public website.
  • Funded organizations can report outcomes and attendance information directly to RAD via the Sunstrata intranet, and that information is automatically tied to RAD grants for Board reporting.
The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) provides wastewater treatment services to 83 communities including the City of Pittsburgh. ALCOSAN’s 59-acre treatment plant is one of the largest wastewater treatment facilities in the Ohio River Valley.

Sunstrata developed an outreach management tool to allow ALCOSAN to track its engagements with the public and community groups, and ensure that each meeting or event went through the proper steps for staffing, organizing materials, reserving space, and following up on issues.

  • Selected users can create meeting records and prompt other users to complete planning tasks.
  • A roster of presenters or faciliators can be created to properly staff presentations or trainings.
  • Meeting managers can reserve materials like computers, projectors, automobiles, or meeting spaces from a centralized inventory.
  • Questions or issues raised during meetings can be entered into the system, along with official responses, to create Q&A documents that presenters and facilitators can take to events or send afterward as part of the follow-up process.

All Sunstrata solutions are built on the most powerful and reliable web technologies available.