"We are a public funding agency with reporting requirements from many grantees with various IT skill levels. Sunstrata assisted us in moving from a completely paper environment to an online platform that is friendly to all of the users. Attention to detail and understanding what you really need is what separates them from the pack. In addition to excellent technical skills, Sunstrata is keenly aware of how humans interact with technology and helps its clients think about questions that will be asked and problems that may arise."
David L. Donahoe
Executive Director
Allegheny Regional Asset District

Securely connect your staff, clients, or other external users to important information about your organization, as well as to specific tools for their project and administrative work with a Sunstrata intranet or extranet web application.

Control exactly how users collect, organize, and report information critical to a project or program, and ensure accuracy and completeness with required fields and validation, using a Sunstrata custom database system.

Improve the performance or user-friendliness of an application or database or plan for managing new project or program information, with Sunstrata project planning and evaluation consulting services.

Working with corporate, nonprofit, and public sector clients, we have amassed a toolbox of not only development techniques, but also process assessment methods that we use to provide direct input in shaping a solution rather than just reacting with canned programming.

Application and Database Hosting

Based on on the size and scope of your particular project, your internal IT capabilities, and your budget, Sunstrata will work with you to find a right-sized hosting solution – from a small amount of space with a low-cost, shared provider to co-located virtual or physical servers in certified data centers with almost unlimited capacity.

All Sunstrata solutions are built on the most powerful and reliable web technologies available.