"We are a public funding agency with reporting requirements from many grantees with various IT skill levels. Sunstrata assisted us in moving from a completely paper environment to an online platform that is friendly to all of the users. Attention to detail and understanding what you really need is what separates them from the pack. In addition to excellent technical skills, Sunstrata is keenly aware of how humans interact with technology and helps its clients think about questions that will be asked and problems that may arise."
David L. Donahoe
Executive Director
Allegheny Regional Asset District
Intranets and extranets securely connect your staff, clients, or other external users to important information about your organization, as well as to specific tools for their project and administrative work, while keeping it all safe from the open Internet. Users get up-to-date information tailored specifically to them whenever they need it – 24/7/365.

What could your organization do with an intranet or extranet?

  • Access the most up-to-date information across your organization
  • Create and check schedules, submit expenses and time records, send emails and memos, and perform other administrative tasks more efficiently
  • Centralize and enhance organizational knowledge with items like tutorials, links to commonly-used files, employee handbooks, and forums
  • Schedule and track resources such as meeting rooms and computer equipment
  • Download customized reports based on up-to-date company information, at your fingertips whenever you need them
  • Enter information in one place and make it instantly available to any number of people within or outside of your organization
  • Publish selected content to your public website
Matthews International Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, generates approximately $900 million in revenues. They have established a presence around the world, employing over 5,300 people in nearly two dozen countries on four continents.

Sunstrata designed the Matthews intranet website with a myriad of content management and administration tools, file downloads, and general company information. Any employee can self-register for a user account and browse or download information appropriate to his or her geographic location and position within the company.

  • The performance review process is fully completed online – including all factors and ratings, as well as signatures and administrative reports.
  • Managers can submit merit-based payroll changes to HR, and HR administrators can approve the changes or send them back to the manager.
  • Employees can access comprehensive handbooks and policy manuals customized to their employee type and position in the company.
  • Numerous file libraries contain template documents, reports, and benefit information for users to review and download anytime when needed.
  • The system presents new hires with job-orientation videos and tracks employee viewership.
  • Employees can enroll themselves in programs such as scholarships, travel, and wellness.
  • Employee suggestion tools track ideas and ensure proper manager evaluation of them.
Calgon Carbon Corporation is a worldwide organization, and the leader in the activated carbon industry – currently offering carbon technologies used in over 700 distinct market applications from purifying air and drinking water, to purifying foods and pharmaceuticals.

Sunstrata put the paper and spreadsheet-based Calgon Carbon performance management process online for its managers and employees around the globe.

  • Managers can create detailed performance plans for employee review, and the elements of each plan are validated for completeness per HR specifications.
  • Completion of introductory, mid-year, and annual performance appraisals are tracked automatically within the system.
  • Employees can self-register for their own user account with existing payroll data.
  • Human Resources administrators can run aggregate reports on employee performance data as well as the status of the overall process from year to year.
  • The system allows employees to log in using their existing Active Directory accounts.
  • Various file libraries provide supporting documentation for managers to download such as policies, meeting scripts, and worksheets.
Allegheny County Department of Economic Development helps existing and new businesses grow and prosper in Allegheny County, PA by developing financial incentives and improving infrastructure.

Sunstrata consolidated and upgraded the department's legacy MS Access databases and spreadsheet tracking tools to a single, enterprise-scale intranet and project management system.

  • Project teams can create, assign, and track the completion of tasks related to each project.
  • Custom fields can be created based on the type of project and its particular funding sources.
  • Project budgets are tracked to ensure funds are used appropriately and within dollar limits.
  • Each project has a separate file library and image gallery.
  • Project teams can be established to ensure proper editing controls over project records.
  • Project and contact associations with municipalities, department divisions, and governmental bodies are tracked.
  • Communications about any project or organization – phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. – can be logged directly within the system.
The Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth & Family Services (MANY) is a membership network comprised of over 50 organizations designed to strengthen and coordinate resources and services for youth and families in high-risk situations.

Sunstrata developed a central resource for staff to manage MANY's membership and track the various services it provides to them, as well as publish resources for its members to its public website.

  • MANY staff can log consulting and technical assistance activities.
  • Members can log into the MANY website to browse and download resources published from within the Sunstrata portal.
  • Website visitors can register themselves for MANY webinars, conferences, trainings, and other events, as well as immediately submit payment.
  • Both new and existing members can create or renew their membership, and pay their fees directly through the MANY website.
Fraytak Veisz Hopkins Duthie, PC (FVHD) provides architecture, planning, and other professional services throughout NJ and PA, and has completed more than 1,500 projects.

Sunstrata developed a secure staff portal to manage project information, advertise construction-bidding opportunities, and publish information directly to the FVHD public website.

  • Project contacts, descriptions, and images can be managed in the secure portal and selectively published to their public website portfolio.
  • Construction bids are tracked in the staff portal and advertised to the public website.
  • Company news and employment opportunities can be published directly to the public website.

All Sunstrata solutions are built on the most powerful and reliable web technologies available.