"We are a public funding agency with reporting requirements from many grantees with various IT skill levels. Sunstrata assisted us in moving from a completely paper environment to an online platform that is friendly to all of the users. Attention to detail and understanding what you really need is what separates them from the pack. In addition to excellent technical skills, Sunstrata is keenly aware of how humans interact with technology and helps its clients think about questions that will be asked and problems that may arise."
David L. Donahoe
Executive Director
Allegheny Regional Asset District
You can control exactly how your users collect, organize, and report information critical to a project or program, and ensure the accuracy and completeness of data entry with custom form fields, requirements, and validation.
  • Combine any number of existing databases into a single online destination
  • Find needed information quickly with fast and accurate search functions
  • Eliminate or reduce the need to ever make entries or store information in multiple places
  • Segment access to tools and information on a per-user basis
  • Ensure consistent and complete data entry with required fields and custom validation
  • Generate meaningful reports and statistics in less time
The PA Department of Health funds various programs and activities across the state to educate residents about tobacco use. These programs and activities are provided by the Erie County Department of Health, Tobacco Free Allegeny (TFA), and Tobacco Free Northeast PA at Burn Prevention Network (TFNE), among others.

Sunstrata developed a program management data system for each of the three providers to track their individual activities, and then report those activities back to the PA Department of Health.

  • The systems track individual clients through their progress in stop-smoking programs.
  • Form fields and reports are customized to each individual program to match the data collection tools used in the field by staff.
  • Multi-level permissions ensure that each user can only see the client and program information relevant and appropriate to him or her.
  • All data is secured by password-protection and industry-standard SSL encryption.
The Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD) is a special purpose area-wide unit of local government that supports and finances regional assets in the areas of libraries, parks and recreation, cultural, sports and civic facilities and programs.

The Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development (PPND) mobilizes private and public investments, builds local capacity and leadership, introduces new knowledge and best practices, improves policies, and serves as an impartial convener of system change efforts.

The POISE Foundation assists the Pittsburgh Region's Black community in achieving self-sustaining practices, through strategic leadership, collective giving, grantmaking and advocacy.

Sunstrata developed a grants management system for each of these grant-making organizations. Each system has a separate applicant and administrative portal so that grantees can submit and track their applications online, and the organizations can manage all applications comprehensively from a single location.

  • Funders can define their own grant types, select when to make each available to accept online applications, and make rules about what type of applicant is eligible to apply.
  • Applicants can create a single profile and then use it to create applications for different types of grants, or for the same type of grant every year.
  • Funders can create custom tasks for applicants to complete, such as uploading a file, or providing a narrative description or single piece of information like a dollar amount or number.
  • The systems can be configured to solicit information from grantees at both the application stage and later at the grant stage during follow-up activities.
  • The systems incude administrative tools for managing different funds and distributions made from them to grantees, tracking donations made to funds, and allowing board or committee members to review applications and make comments.
The Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania (FHCCP) is a private, not-for-profit organization that oversees and supports a diverse, 28-county network of organizations providing a range of vital services and care to thousands of women, men, children and adolescents.

Sunstrata has developed a number of tools for FHCCP to manage data for its specialized programs.

  • All communications are secured by individual username and password credentials and industry-standard SSL encryption
  • Multi-level permissions ensure that each user can only see the provider, patient, and service information relevant and appropriate to his or her work within FHCCP.
  • Source files containing PHI can be uploaded directly to the systems by internal staff or external service providers for validation, analysis, and processing.
Family Planning Council is a private, non-profit organization that advances sexual and reproductive health outcomes to promote health equity for individuals, families, and communities. The Council provides financial and other administrative support to a wide range of organizations and programs throughout the five-county Philadelphia region.

Sunstrata has developed a comprehensive program management tool for the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), which is funded by the PA Department of Health.

  • All communications are secured by individual username and password credentials and industry-standard SSL encryption
  • Multi-level permissions ensure that each user can only see the provider, participant, session, and survey information relevant and appropriate to his or her work within the program.
  • Source files containing PHI can be uploaded directly to the systems by internal or external program staff for validation, analysis, and processing.
21st Century Employee Assistance Partners provides Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that combine the foundational strengths of a core EAP program with the skills and knowledge to address workforce effectiveness in today's business environment.

Sunstrata developed tools to allow the EAP to track services provided to employees of its client organizations, as well as securely accept requests for services from employees on its public website.

  • Client employees can securely request EAP services, and assignments to EAP staff can be made directly within the system.
  • EAP can manage the benefits particular to each of its client organizations.
  • EAP can run aggregate reports of services provided for its client organizations.
  • EAP staff can enter session and activity information directly into the system.
The American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania (ACEC/PA) is devoted to the promotion and enhancement of the business interests and profitability of the consulting engineering industry in Pennsylvania.

Sunstrata developed an online tool that allows ACEC/PA to complete a comprehensive salary and office-practices survey for its membership.

  • ACEC/PA can track its membership and the status of each member's current-year surveys.
  • Members can log into the Sunstrata survey tool to complete the comprehensive surveys, and save and return as many times as needed to complete it.

All Sunstrata solutions are built on the most powerful and reliable web technologies available.