Our boxed solutions are low-cost, high-ROI web applications aimed at common information management challenges that we can deploy for you quickly – often within a few days – with little or no customization.

Each solution is based on years of experience with clients of diverse sizes across the corporate, nonprofit, and public sectors. They include the tools and features requested most often during the course of projects, and can optionally be customized at any point and in whatever way needed at your request.

Learn more about each of our boxed solutions below.

All Sunstrata solutions are built on the most powerful and reliable web technologies available.

Application and Database Hosting

Based on on the size and scope of your particular project, your internal IT capabilities, and your budget, Sunstrata will work with you to find a right-sized hosting solution – anything from a small amount of space with a low-cost, shared provider all the way up to co-located virtual or physical servers in certified data centers with almost unlimited capacity.

Licensing and cost of ownership

The Sunstrata license fee includes setup of the application in your selected hosting environment and is a simple, one-time cost with no recurring per-record, per-user, or per-computer fees. Once the application is deployed, you are limited in its use and growth only by the capabilities of the server on which it is deployed. Please contact us for a quote based on your needs.