If you need to share files securely with users external to your network, or internal to your network who may not have the needed access to shared locations, then a file-sharing web application can fill the gap between email attachments and shared drives or FTP folders. This solution is ideal if you need to upload and download large files that email cannot handle, or establish an organized, always-available file repository for a particular purpose (e.g. to give your external clients or stakeholders access to project files).
If you use Dropbox ®, Google Drive ®, Microsoft OneDrive ®, or other similar cloud-based services
There are many excellent tools available for simply moving files from one computer to another, and our tools pick up where they leave off in case you have more sophisticated security, business logic, or regulatory-driven needs:
  • We give you complete control by allowing you to know exactly where your files are being stored (e.g. locally on a network server, or in a selected certified data center), from where they are being downloaded, and the ability to immediately and completely delete a file without worry of it being archived on servers around the world.
  • We can build custom workflows and business logic into the file-management tools, such as forms, acknowledgements, or signatures that may need to be submitted by the user with each upload or download.
  • Please contact us to discuss your exact needs and whether your organization would benefit from enhanced file-sharing.
  • Create any number of file libraries and user accounts
  • Grant each user account a specific level of access
    • Library manager
    • Folder editor
    • File editor
    • Library browser
  • Populate a library with any number of folders and files
  • Give files and folders an optional description so that users can quickly review library contents
  • Add, modify, and delete user accounts as much as needed to control access to the file libraries
  • Secure all uploads and downloads with industry-standard SSL encryption (optional)

The Sunstrata file-sharing application does not require any changes to other existing shared drives or FTP sites, can be hosted anywhere inside or outside of your organization's network, and customized if needed to meet your specific requirements.

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All Sunstrata solutions are built on the most powerful and reliable web technologies available.

Application and Database Hosting

Based on on the size and scope of your particular project, your internal IT capabilities, and your budget, Sunstrata will work with you to find a right-sized hosting solution – anything from a small amount of space with a low-cost, shared provider all the way up to co-located virtual or physical servers in certified data centers with almost unlimited capacity.

Licensing and cost of ownership

The Sunstrata license fee includes setup of the application in your selected hosting environment and is a simple, one-time cost with no recurring per-record, per-user, or per-computer fees. Once the application is deployed, you are limited in its use and growth only by the capabilities of the server on which it is deployed. Please contact us for a quote based on your needs.